About Us

Ute Woods - is a born again believer filled with the Holy Spirit and a full time working wife and mother. Ute is helping behind the scenes at Arise Ministry with the website, organizational and administrative tasks. Ute has a love for the Lord and His love is very apparent in her. Ute is on board and excited about the message of spiritual awakening and what the Lord has in store for her and Arise Ministry.

Scott and Brenda Fick are born again husband and wife ministers of the gospel, and Spirit filled believers in Christ Jesus. They both were ordained as ministers of the gospel in 2013.

They are parents and grandparents that have lived a common life in the world before pursuing ministry full time. They can relate to the real life challenges we all face and know that the only real answers come from God our Father, in Jesus Christ our Savior, and through the Holy Spirit our helper, comforter, teacher, guide, and counselor.

Scott and Brenda have been called to share spiritual awakening with the body of Christ, the Church, believers and followers of Jesus. They define spiritual awakening as becoming aware of and receiving and applying the reality of the Holy Spirit and His role, as defined in scripture, to our lives individually. To enjoy the victory, power, and authority we have been given by the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the help of the Holy Spirit, who is here with us now until Jesus returns. To pursue and fulfill the individual call God has put on each of our lives. To become stronger members of the churches we attend so that the body of Christ can be what we were created to be and fulfill the great commission.